Be it Lost share certificate, outstanding dividend & unclaimed shares lying with the company, a bank account/deposit or shares of a deceased relative to whom you are a legal heir



Located in New Delhi, FUNDTRACERS CONSULTING is the only company in India that Works exclusively on tracing assets like shares & securities in India companies, bank accounts etc, and facilitating the entire legal procedures to claim the same.

We also actively seek out unclaimed assets, and through our independent research we locate the beneficiaries of the unclaimed asset and provide assistance and legal expertise required to claim the unclaimed assets and repatriation of the asset to its rightful owner.

What Do We Do ?


Our aim is to serve investors and families who find it difficult to trace assets in India that were acquired by their family elders and ancestors. Company might have changed its name, it may have been merged with another or it has become sick and/or gone into liquidation. Or simply the person who bought the shares forgets to inform their family or records were misplaced and family may not be aware of the same.

It is our endeavour to trace such investments and help the investors/ legal heir claim their rightful benefits in them. Where the shareholder is deceased and you are a legal heir to such shares and assets we can facilitate the legal procedures in Indian courts to enable you to claim succession to such assets in your name.

We have helped families from India and overseas in claiming shares & securities, bank accounts etc., that they were entitled to claim.


We are constantly updating a database of unclaimed assets in India, held by people not just from India but also from across the globe. Lots of investors from Nepal, Burma, Africa, England, Europe, USA, Canada, NRIs etc. are holding shares in Indian companies. Most of them may be deceased or they may have changed address. These assets have been held for as long as 80 years.

Who all hold shares in india

Contact Information

Contact us if you feel that you, or any of family elders or relatives hold any assets in India -they may be deceased or may have forgotten about their investments. Write to us along with details and enclose scan of any old document that you might have